Asia International Catering Expo is a professional exhibition brand for the development of the catering industry founded by Beijing Landpeace Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of the leading food exhibition brand, Allfood Expo. 


Basic Information:

Date: August 21 to 23, 2024

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

Address: No. 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Exhibition Hall: Hall 1.1, 2.1

Estimated Size: 80000 square meters with around 1200 exhibitors

Estimated Visitors: 120000 people



Concurrent Events:

2024 China High-end Food & Beverage Marketing Forum (Autumn) 

2024 China Ice Cream & Frozen Food Marketing Forum (Autumn)

Allfood Expo 2024 Gold Distributors Award Ceremony (Autumn) 

Allfood Expo 2024 High-end Food New Products Launch Conference (Autumn)  

2024 International Food Business Matching Conference (Fall)

2024 China Snack Chain Innovation Forum



2024 Top 100 China Candy & Snacks Gold Distributors

2024 Top 100 China Ice Cream & Frozen Food Gold Distributors

2024 Top 100 China High-end Pastry Gold Distributors

2024 Top 100 China Snacks Chain Stores Gold Distributors

2024 Top 50 China Cartoon Toy Food Gold Distributors

2024 Top 50 Chinese Dairy Beverage Gold Distributors


Exhibition Zone

Imported food and trend food Zone

Ice Cream & Frozen Food Zone

Prefabricated food & Ready to Cook Zone

Food, beverage and leisure food Zone

Plant-based food Zone

Food manufacturing and mechanical packaging(Profood) Zone


Exhibitor Profile

Various catering ingredients and prefabricated food; quick-frozen rice and flour products; prepared aquatic products, meat and poultry dishes, hotel prepared dishes and prepared foods: prepared dishes; meat and meat products; aquatic and seafood products, seafood prepared foods; hot pot and barbecue ingredients; Western food ingredients; fruit and vegetable products and various edible fungi; imported and Japanese ingredients: various specialty ingredients, vegetarian food, plant-based foods; condiments and compound seasonings, etc.; various food processing equipment and packaging, central kitchen equipment, warehousing and Cold chain logistics equipment, etc.; raw materials and ingredients: molds and supporting equipment; safety testing equipment and logistics transportation services; media and related training institutions, etc.


Distributors, supermarkets, chain stores and shopping malls for various foods;

Various food importers and exporters; new channel traders such as E-commerce;

Purchasers of new retail channels such as live streaming, community group buying, group meals and catering channels;

Related manufacturing enterprises; related technicians; production and service providers;

Related government departments and industry organizations;

Related publications and medias.


Booth Cost

1. Space Only: 1280 yuan/㎡; Premium Space Only: 1480 yuan/㎡ (rent starts from 36/㎡)

2. Shell Scheme: 12,800 yuan/9㎡; Premium Standard Booth: 14,800 yuan/9㎡; (The booth fee for a shell scheme with two open sides increases by 10%, and for a shell scheme with three open sides increases by 20%)


Asia International Catering Expo Organizing Committee

Beijing Landpeace Exhibition Co.,LTD. 

Contact: Mr.Dallas Ma

Tel:  86-10-59798028



Email: or     

WeChat ID: DallasJapan or 13683264231 

Address: Room207, Riyuetiandi Building Tower B, Fanggu Road, Fang Zhuang,South 2nd Ring,Beijing, 100078


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