Dozens of guests appeared, hundreds of companies released more than 1,000 new products, and the 3rd China Beverage Marketing Conference reached a new high
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(June 30, from Foshan)

On the afternoon of June 30, the 2022 3rd China Beverage Industry Expo and Marketing Forum ended successfully in Foshan. As the first beverage event with a scale of 5,000 people, it has comprehensively boosted the confidence and vitality of China's beverage industry. This Beverage Forum is divided into forum area and exhibition area, which welcomed 5,127 professional buyers and professional visitors from all over the country, including beverage industry experts, entrepreneurs, distributors, buyers, suppliers, and media people. This conference is supported by the China National Beverage Association, hosted by Landpeace Exhibition, and co-organized by Allfood Expo Online, Beverage Marketing and Food Capital. The theme of this conference is "New Power of Domestic Beverages", which comprehensively interprets the future development trend of China's beverage industry, and connects professional buyers, investors, and upstream and downstream resources in a pragmatic and efficient manner through forums and exhibition areas.

Hundreds of companies jointly release more than a thousand new products in 2022

At this beverage conference, the China Beverage Industry Exhibition was set up for the first time. Hundreds of companies jointly released more than a thousand new products in the spring of 2022, of which 2/3 were released for the first time nationwide. Including nearly 100 brands, beverage equipment and raw material companies from all over the country, such as Jianlibao, HEYTEA, Arctic Ocean, Huayang, Infinite Wave, Haojiayi, Ximeng Dairy, Chanbao, Pukou Huanan, Favorite Orchard, Dongfang Clippers, Magic Drink, Tea Immortal Kee, Shao Ning, Fu Lun Tang, Sofu Tea Drink, Martin Live Spring, Yuedong Machinery, Huamei, Mingkang, Yadi, Bolton, Bowlingbao, Fanggu, Heyan , Eslite Coffee, etc., with thousands of new products in 2022, which attracted professional audiences to stop and taste and understand the brand policy. The signing of purchase contracts on the spot is almost non-stop.

Dai Qun, general manager of Guangdong Jianlibao Supply Chain Center, pointed out that as a company that has witnessed the 39 years of changes in the Foshan Beverage Base, this Beverage Expo has greatly surpassed the past in terms of scale, content and specifications. It has brought vitality to the Chinese beverage industry. "We launched Super Energy functional beverages for the first time in China, and thousands of professional buyers came to consult and discuss cooperation."

Li Qiang, chairman of Shandong Haojiayi Beverage, said, "We have gained a lot from this beverage conference. As a representative beverage company in Shandong production area, we need a professional platform to match up, so that we can find the right partner more quickly in a large market in the trillion-scale of Chinese beverage industry.”

Niu Huan, chairman of Huayang Soda, believes, "This beverage expo, as the first industry exhibition, has made a good start for the whole of China to stabilize the beverage economy. All of them have done a lot of research, so that all the participating beverage companies and distributors have benefited a lot."

The proportion of special booths in the 2022 China Beverage Industry Boutique Exhibition is as high as 85%, which is enough to show that beverage brands are paying more and more attention to offline exhibitions. With the rapid development of China's beverage industry today, in addition to good products and good channels, beverage companies also need to attract market attention through brand exposure and promotion. At the same time, investment promotion is the eternal business theme of the vast number of innovative beverage companies. At the large-scale industry exhibition site where dealers and distributors gather, a large number of free drinks are offered to dealers, which can undoubtedly stimulate more interaction and recognition of professional buyers. This is considered to be the best way for the majority of food and beverage companies to attract investment. It is no wonder that the majority of entrepreneurs with good products attach so much importance to this expo.

Wang Minglin, general manager of Maichao Trading Company in Nanning, Guangxi, said at the scene that although it is the peak season for beverage sales, distributors still need differentiated and competitive products to boost sales during the peak season. In today's ever-changing consumer demand, dynamic selection has become the key for beverage distributors to improve sales. This expo has selected more than 10 new products with selling points, which is a worthwhile trip.

At the exhibition site, the reporter saw that many companies have launched highly differentiated products, raising brand competition barriers through younger packaging and healthier raw materials, and taking the consumer demand of young people as the leading factor. It is understood that functional, low-sugar, natural and differentiated tastes have become the magic weapon for beverage brands to attract distributors, and these are also the new trends in the development of China's beverage industry.

Dozens of beverage industry leaders shared essential materials in four forums

Not only is the beverage industry expo set up for the first time, but the forums of this beverage conference have been greatly improved in terms of quantity and content. In addition to the main forum of the 2022 3rd China Beverage Marketing Forum and the General Meeting of all members of China National Beverage Association with the theme of "New Power of Domestic Beverages", this Beverage Conference also held some activities at the same time: China Beverage Investment and Financing Forum with the theme of "Adding the wings of capital to the beverage industry"; China Beverage Taste Trend Seminar with the theme "Drinking is King";  2022 Catering Channel Matchmaking Meeting with the theme "How Beverage Brands Nugget Catering Channels".

During the China Beverage Investment and Financing Forum, a number of capital institutions and beverage brands that have successfully obtained financing, through the on-site essential materials sharing, analyzed the investment and financing status of China's beverage industry and how brands can gain capital attention.In the keynote speech of "Upgrading of Marketing Channels and New Investment Opportunities in the Beverage Industry", Tan Zhiwang, a partner of Wujie Innovation Capital, introduced the current capital institutions' judgment on the future trend of the beverage industry from the perspective of channel upgrading and product innovation, and opportunities for capital to invest in the beverage industry.

Xiong Fen, founder and chairman of Nengtu Capital, Luo Xiaoyun, director of large consumption investment of Qinglan Capital, Huang Zhiyong, executive editor-in-chief of the new media of "Food Capital", etc. ,explained the logic of beverage investment in detail to the audience through the roundtable forum, and pointed out the direction for brands who want to obtain capital financing.


The 2022 China Beverage Taste Trend Seminar, Yu Zibo, director and vice president of operations of Guangdong Mingkang Flavors, the diamond sponsor of the conference, delivered a speech entitled “The taste of tea is the key point. Now that new products are emerging, so how to innovate the taste of beverages?”The speech analyzed the new direction of beverage product innovation from the perspective of beverage taste innovation. Zhou Qingtao, director of the Marketing Department of Bowlingbao, delivered a keynote speech on "Research on Taste Innovation of Functional Sugar-Free Beverages" in combination with the current normalizing sugar-free beverages, providing ideas for the innovation of sugar-free beverages.

In addition, Yan Qing, senior application engineer of Dongguan Bolton Spice and Edible Technology Center, Li Zhou, founder of Chengdu Jiawei Tiancheng Beverage Research Institute, Cui Bo, R&D engineer of Jiangsu Haobert, and Cao Jianyong, general manager of Zhengzhou Company of Food Zhongrenbang, also gave wonderful keynote speeches, analyzing and judging the trend and future development of beverage taste innovation.

During the 2022 Catering Channel Matchmaking Meeting, Wu Rongkai, President of the Foshan Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, delivered a wonderful speech. Many beverage brands and catering brands have conducted demand docking, helping beverage brands to enter the South China Catering channel and providing docking opportunities. In the sales channels of beverages, catering channels have always occupied a large proportion. With the upgrading of catering brands, the demand for beverages has also changed a lot, and this catering channel matchmaking meeting put the supply and demand of both parties on the table , which greatly increases the selection opportunities of catering enterprises. It is worth noting that the Shunde Daliang Food Purchasing Group also brought a number of catering brands to select products on site, and established the Shunde Daliang Food Purchasing Group exhibition area to provide a more professional display method for their needs.   

During the four forums in two days, the wonderful sharing of dozens of guests brought practical information sharing of high-quality content to the audience, and provided new ideas for the development of the beverage industry.

The joint appearance of beauties and beverages pushed the atmosphere of the Foshan Beverage Expo to a climax


At the 2022 Spring China Beverage Annual New Product Launch Conference, dozens of beverage brands displayed new products from multiple angles and three-dimensionally in the form of models carrying new products on the catwalk, attracting many on-site audiences to punch in and take photos.

At the same time, the organizer also released the list of "2022 Top 25 China Beverage Enterprises with the Most Investment Value" and "2022 China Top 50 High-end Beverage Gold Distributors (First Batch) Finalist". These measures have comprehensively boosted the enthusiasm of beverage brands to innovate and the sense of belonging of distributors. 

It is understood that among the diversified channels, distributors are still the main force in beverage distribution.Under the digital and refined operation, these excellent dealers have not only achieved cost reduction and efficiency enhancement through enterprise operation and digital transformation, fully activated the vitality of the channel, but also made a great contribution to the refined operation of entering the sinking market. 

The release of the shortlist for the 2022 China Top 50 High-end Beverage Gold Distributor List (First Batch) means that the list will become more and more clear, and the final list will be officially released during the Allfood Expo in Shenzhen. This is not only a recognition of these excellent distributors, but also a platform to empower and deeply motivate beverage distributors and channel distributors to develop better and faster. After all, becoming bigger and stronger is the key for beverage distributors to cope with competition in the future.


At the same time, after comprehensive consideration of corporate strategy, brand, channel, team, and growth potential, the list of the top 25 Chinese beverage companies with the most investment value in 2022 will be able to further support the excellent and manage the poor and rapidly promote the development of the industry.

"The Beverage Conference was held in Foshan for the first time, which created a high-quality event in the industry, which is very professional. It can be seen that its team has put a lot of effort behind the scenes! This exhibition just meets the new needs of the transformation of the beverage industry in the post-epidemic era.The professional forum of the Beverage Expo can help many companies in transition avoid detours. It can be said to be a project that is beneficial to many parties. I am very grateful to the Beverage Expo for providing a professional and unique communication platform for everyone." Zhou Tongcai, general manager of Hefei Rongtai Trading told reporters.

Victory is based on values. Adhering to the value of "employees are family, customers are relatives", the Landpeace Exhibition Team, the organizer of the beverage conference, is making steady progress on the road of pursuing high quality and high specifications to create a pragmatic and efficient China beverage industry exhibition for the majority of beverage manufacturers.At the same time, the China Beverage Industry Expo is also moving forward steadily, turning the vision of "making the beverage industry no difficult business" a reality.

During the exhibition, exhibitors praised the investment promotion effect of the Foshan Beverage Exhibition, and pre-booked the booth of the 2023 China Beverage Industry Expo, which will be held at the Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 7-9 next year. According to reports, next year, the scale will be doubled!

As a series of activities of Allfood Expo, the success of the 3rd China Beverage Industry Expo and Marketing Forum will undoubtedly lay the foundation for the next Allfood Expo (International Allfood Expo ) in Shenzhen and the 4th China Beverage Industry Expo next year. Whether it is the enthusiasm of exhibitors or the praise of distributors; whether it is the popularity of the forum, or the harvest of the selection of products in the exhibition hall, it is just like the affirmation and expectation of many heavyweight guests: China Beverage Industry Exhibition will grow rapidly and help beverages industry development!


For the 2022 International Allfood Expo (Allfood Expo) held in Shenzhen from August 24th to 26th, the audience expressed their great expectations. Leaders of hundreds of beverage and related industries have indicated that they will participate in the 2022 Allfood Expo in Shenzhen, bringing more new products of the year to distributors. It is understood that the Shenzhen Allfood Expo is currently under intense and orderly preparations. 1500-2000 exhibitors will jointly release tens of thousands of new products in 2022, and the booths are about to be sold out. The current work focuses on one-to-one targeted invitations for professional buyers, distributors. In 2022, China's first 100,000-square-meter comprehensive and extra-large exhibition in the food and beverage industry is about to take place, including unlimited business opportunities, which is very exciting.

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